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This deluxe greeting card features a fascinating selection of international headlines and news stories from the year.


Included with the card is a download code for 20 tracks from the year featuring hit after hit from many of 1930's greatest music stars. All original recordings by the original artists. Also included is a retro CD featuring the 20 tracks.


The two-fold card, together with the included 20-track compact disc and music download creates a truly unique way to celebrate the birthday of a friend or loved one.


Make someone smile with this fabulous Card and Gift in one. 

1930 Birthday Star Greeting Card with Hit Songs, Download Code and retro CD

    1. Duke Ellington Mood Indigo
    2. Louis Armstrong I Can't Believe That You're In Love With Me
    3. Marlene Dietrich Falling In Love Again
    4. Big Bill Broonzy Too Too Train Blues
    5. Billy Bennett She Was Poor But She Was Honest
    6. Bessie Smith Black Mountain Blues
    7. Jimmie Rodgers Blue Yodel No.8
    8. Hoagy Carmichael Rockin Chair
    9. Duke Ellington Ring Dem Bells
    10. Lee Collins Tip Easy Blues
    11. Coleman Hawkins Wherever There's A Will Baby
    12. Henry 'Red' Allen & His Orchestra Pleasin' Paul
    13. McKinney's Cotton Pickers Plain Dirt
    14. Louis Armstrong & His All Stars My Sweet
    15. Memphis Minnie & Kansas Joe When the Levee Breaks
    16. Sophie Tucker Some Of These Days
    17. Duke Ellington Old Man Blues
    18. Jimmie Rodgers Pistol Packin Papa
    19. Bessie Smith Moan, You Moaners
    20. Big Bill Broonzy I Can't Be Satisfied
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