This deluxe greeting card features a fascinating selection of international headlines and news stories from the year.


Included with the card is a download code for 20 tracks from the year featuring hit after hit from many of 1942’s greatest music stars. All original recordings by the original artists. Also included is a retro CD featuring the 20 tracks.


The two-fold card, together with the included 20-track compact disc and music download creates a truly unique way to celebrate the birthday of a friend or loved one.


Make someone smile with this fabulous Card and Gift in one. 

1942 Birthday Star - Year Of Birth Music Downloads Greeting Card + Retro CD


    1. Peggy Lee - Why Don't You Do Right?.
    2. Frank Sinatra - The Night We Called It A Day.
    3. Glenn Miller - At Last.
    4. Fats Waller - Up Jumped You With Love.
    5. The Les Brown Orchestra - When The Lights Go On Again.
    6. Earl Hines & His Orchestra - Stormy Monday Blues.
    7. Harry James - Sleepy Lagoon.
    8. Benny Goodman - Six Flats Unfurnished.
    9. Al Dexter & His Troopers - Pistol Packin Mama.
    10. Cab Calloway - I Want To Rock.
    11. Lena Horne - I've Got A Right To Sing The Blues.
    12. Hoagy Carmichael - The Old Music Master.
    13. Xavier Cugat & His Orchestra - Amor.
    14. Tommy Dorsey - In The Blue Of The Evening.
    15. Deanna Durbin - When I Sing.
    16. Gracie Fields - The Thing-Ummy-Bob.
    17. Harry James & Helen Forrest - I Remember You.
    18. Glenn Miller - I Got A Girl In Kalamazoo.
    19. Fats Waller - Swing Out To Victory.
    20. Lena Horne - Mad About The Boy.

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